Welcome to Huddle Capital!

We’re building a vibrant community of business lenders and borrowers coming together to benefit each other.  Lenders have the opportunity to invest in loans based investments to SMEs, helping them build their business, create jobs and benefit the wider economy.  As a lender, you are sure to receive higher returns compared with traditional investments, and you can sell your investments on the secondary market if you wish to liquidate your exposure.

Borrowers can be assured of a tailor made solution to their financing needs, and most importantly, a quick decision process.  We also believe in lending in the old fashioned way.  We always meet with borrowers and ensure that we get to know you and your business before making our final decision to lend.

Institutional customers are also welcome and we urge you to get in touch to discuss the specific features and tools we are able to offer to assist with your investing over the platform.

Please be aware that to fully access the system you will need to provide your address for the last three years and a passport or driving license for us to verify your account. If you need any help with verification please call Customer Services on  +44 (0) 113 4681408

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Investors wishing to lend through individual savings accounts (ISA's).


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Huddle Capital is an Appointed Representative of Rebuilding Society